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Strategically located in the Limburg region and owning warehouses in Venlo (46.000m2) and Weert (25.000m2), Wetron can deliver goods to all over Europe. 
Our warehouses are located between Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam and the German Ruhr region. This German region alone houses 5.2 million people. This makes Limburg the best place to situate warehouses for the German and European market.
The Limburg region has great infrastructure for road and intermodal transport. It also offers tax benefits which are attractive for companies from outside the European Union.
Bonded warehouses
When goods are stored in a bonded warehouse they do not have to be cleared immediately when they arrive in the European Union. Goods can be stored indefinitely in a bonded warehouse without having to pay import duties and VAT. This only must be done when the goods are cleared for free movement within the European Union. When the goods leave the European Union from a bonded warehouse, no import duties or VAT must be paid.
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