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Volume transport

Volume transport

We have provided  volume transport within the Netherlands and Belgium, to and from Italy and Switzerland on a daily basis for years.
By making optimum use of our curtain sided volume swap bodies for long and heavy vehicles (LHV) your transport costs can be reduced significantly. Compared to a conventional trailer, volume transport offers 10% to 20% more transport capacity. Especially for light, voluminous goods that can be stacked up to three meters, volume transport is very suitable. Examples of such goods are insulation materials, foam products, industrial packaging and barrels.
Load capacity volume swap bodies:    115 m3
Load capacity Ecocombi:                   157 m3
With a total available space of 115m³ it is possible to load 38 euro pallets (120 x 80 cm) or 26 block pallets (120 x 100 cm) to a height of three meters by using lifting roofs.
In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany a long and heavy vehicle (Ecocombi) is allowed. However, in the Netherlands and Belgium, it should not exceed the maximum length of 25.25 meters and it may have a maximum weight of 60 tons. The maximum weight for an Ecocombi in Germany is 40 tons.


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