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Road transport

Road transport

Wetron is specialized in road transport from the Netherlands and Belgium to Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal. We also provide international road transport for web shops, dangerous goods (ADR transport), intermodal transport and  voluminous shipments.

Our fleet

Wetron has its own truck fleet, consisting of high volume trucks with trailer and lifting roofs. Lifting roofs make it possible to maximize the internal loading height of three meters.
Theft-sensitive goods, high-quality products or bulk goods are transported in so-called volume box swap bodies.
Insertion heights 3,0 meter
Loading heights 15,4 meter
Loading volume 115 m³
Loading capacity 38 euro pallets (120×80 cm) or
26 block pallets (120 × 100 cm)

* The maximum permitted loading weights must be taken into account.
Being a logistics service provider, reducing our CO2 emissions is an important part of our policy and our daily operations. We are aware of the impact that transport has on our environment and the responsibility we have as a company. By renewing our fleet with new trucks with cleaner engines regularly, we aim to reduce our exhaust emissions.

Our drivers

Wetron provides safe and responsible road transport, that’s why we have our own team of highly skilled truck drivers. Even our most experienced drivers receive ongoing training to update their knowledge and skills.
Before new drivers start working for Wetron, they are tested thoroughly. Our drivers coordination department provides an extensive introduction for each driver and makes sure they get the necessary training.
Wetron offers a two year a training programme for future drivers in cooperation with acknowledged training institutes. Drivers who successfully complete the program receive a contract within the company where they will be able to further develop their skills and abilities.

ADR transport dangerous goods

 Our drivers are ADR certified for transport of dangerous goods. Wetron, as company, is also ADR certified and can provide ADR dangerous goods transport for you within the following classifications:

Class 2 gases
Class 3 flammable fluids
Class 4.1 flammable solids
Class 4.2 substances liable to spontaneous ignition
Class 4.3 substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
Class 5.1 oxidants
Class 5.2 organic peroxides
Class 6.1 toxic substances
Class 6.2 infectious substances
Class 8 corrosive substances
Class 9 substances that develop flammable vapors 
Feel free to contact us to find more about our fleet, qualified truck drivers or our options for dangerous goods transport. 


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